Perfect Match

$ 10.99
Think you've found your perfect match? Find out how well you know your partner with this fun, tongue-in-cheek question game that puts your compatibility to the test!

Perfect Match is the fun and revealing game that finds out just how well couples really know each other. Played in teams, Perfect Match asks couples a question, and each person has to try and predict their partner's response. So do you know your partner's preferred night out or film genre? Full of laughs and revealing truths about relationships, Perfect Match is ideal for light-hearted dinner parties and nights in with friends.

With 50 x question, 8 x dry wipe boards and 4 x dry wipe pens included, all you need is a little bravery to predict your partner's answers!

Themed in the style of a classic match box and with question cards designed like matches, Perfect Match is a quirky gift for couples or friends who know each other as well as they know themselves. Ideal for four or more players.

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