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Meffert's Pyraminx

$ 22.99

The Pyraminx puzzle is a 42-year-old brain teaser that has delighted puzzle lovers for decades. The latest iteration by Meffert’s contains all the fun and challenge of the original. 3.5” Tall.

How to play

    • 1. Twist Start with the colors scrambled on all sides of the brain teaser.
    • 2. Twist any 2 halves or rotate the tips to change the colors.
    • 3. Solve by creating 4 solid sides of color.

Meffert’s is a brain teaser brand created by Recent Toys. Recent Toys was put on the map in 2001 with the invention of the Brainstring by puzzle master Guido Lap. Since then, the company has specialized in producing entertaining, durable and unique brain teasers and puzzles for all ages and skill levels. Try one out today and get baffled!

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