Parks 11oz Great Smoky Mountains Ceramic Maplewood & Moss

$ 33.99

This newer collection from Paddywax is inspired by the great American national parks. Each vessel is uniquely textured and finished to represent five of the country's finest landscapes, with scents to celebrate our parks. 

Each candle comes with a cherry wood dust cover and crackling wood wicks. 

The Mapleweood + Moss contains base notes of opopanax, amber, and sandalwood, with middle and top notes of vanilla, smoked wood, coumarin, muguet, cataloupe, and tobacco flower. 

The sale of these contribute to a minimum donation of $25,000 to the National Parks Foundation to protect more than 84 million acres of parks through conservation and preservation. 


- 11 oz. candle

- cherry wood dust cover

- crackling wood wick


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