Uppercut Deluxe

Matte Clay

$ 19.99

The Matte Clay pomade from Uppercut Deluxe was designed for the guy with a non-stop day, that still needs to rework his hair once or twice halfway through. It'll grip and effortlessly shape almost any style, while still having that dry finish you desire, but is best for a short and textured look that required more control. 

Because it's an oil based product, it'll stay in all day, even on the most active guy. When you're ready to wash it out, Uppercut's Deluxe Degreaser is the perfect product to pull it all out. 


- 2.1 oz. tin travel can

- strong but re-workable

- low shine

- perfect for controlling textured styles

- ideal for difficult to control hair of any length

- oil based

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